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Be Kind to Your Feet

04 Jul 2017

How many times have you looked down at your feet and really THANKED them? Do you put lotion on your legs and forget to include your feet? Ever take some time to massage your tired feet? Do you look at your feet and think they are ugly?   Do you walk bare-footed to be close to Mother Earth?

Your feet are a wondrous work of art. Comprised of at least 26 bones, each healthy human foot typically has 107 ligaments, 19 major muscles in four layers, 12 major tendons, and over 7000 nerve endings. They carry your load each and every day – step by step – and yet most of us take them for granted.

Feet are fascinating! They are used for balance, support, and shock absorption. Your feet tell your story. Stress queues in different areas of the feet may indicate physical or emotional stresses or aspects of you and your life. The shapes, sizes, and lengths of your toes; spaces between the toes; the arches and soft tissue areas of the mid-foot; and the thickness and shape of the balls of the feet may indicate what you “look like,” according to the metaphysical art of toe reading. As you grow and make changes in your life, quite often you will notice changes in your feet.

The way you walk, stand, and use your feet will impact the joints found above and your over-all posture. When you walk, you should land on your heel, roll to the toes and push off primarily from the joint found at the Great Toe. If you are standing still, try to balance your weight between both feet rather than shifting and putting more weight on one versus the other.

Be kind to your feet!   Wash them; soak them in Epsom salt and lavender oil to relax them; try peppermint oil to cool them; apply lotion or moisturizer to hydrate them; and gift them massage and/or Reflexology regularly to loosen the muscles and detox them. The kinder you are to your feet, the kinder your feet are to you.

Make Happy Feet! We only get one natural set of them. And, I know I’d prefer to have them last my lifetime.

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