Reflexology Changes Lives

23 Jan 2018


I’ve been reflecting some recently upon the fact that I have had not only the good fortune, but the absolute privilege of serving some wonderful people over the years.

I have watched them experience the awesome results of consistent Reflexology work within their quality of health. This has reminded of the power of change in a person’s life. Reflexology changes lives.

It’s never to late to try this work. Time may try to consume our day’s structure or accomplishments, but I encourage you to calendarize a session of Reflexology work from a skilled and trained professional. My hope would be that you feel or see for yourself just how this work changes lives on so many levels.  It might be physical, emotional, spiritual, or energetic.  In ALL cases I can remember, everyone single person was delighted with the results!

Ask your massage therapist if they provide this service or know someone else in your area that does. You can also visit to help locate a board certified practitioner in your area.

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