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Massage Therapy and How to Choose a Therapist

04 Jul 2017

Massage has been used for centuries by cultures all over the world. Here in the United States, it was popularized and “validated” in the early 1990’s with the formation of a national testing board (NCBTMB) and the formation of national and state associations.

Arkansas has a rich history in the field and was the first state to open a massage therapy school (Hot Springs School of Massage 1957) in the United States. We are governed by the AR State Department of Health and have a Massage Therapy Technical Advisory Committee (MTTAC).There are three levels of licensing that a therapist may aspire to as well (LMT, MMT, MTI).

The vast majority of adults here in our state have never had a professional massage and the benefits of such work are widespread. Research has shown that massage may: help reduce or eliminate pain, assist in the recovery from injury, help improve flexibility and range of motion, increase circulation, assist in detoxification, help reduce stress and tension, and more!   Who wouldn’t benefit from this awesome form of bodywork!

There are dozens of licensed therapists to choose from in Arkansas. How do you choose which therapist to see? Here are a few suggestions:

1. Make sure to look for credentials showing he/she is licensed by the State Department of Health. A license is supposed to be posted in full view.

2. Do not hesitate to ask about where they attended school and what additional training they have completed. Therapists are required to take continuing education classes each year, so find out what passions they follow and what services are offered.

3. Look for those who have completed advanced training in the area in which you are most interested. There are many forms of bodywork that a massage therapist may offer.

4. Ask for referrals or written testimonies of their work or the results of their work.

5. Find a therapist that can communicate both professionally and intellectually. Sometimes it is more comfortable working with someone you can relate to based upon your own personality style.

There IS a therapist that suits you. Massage is an awesome gift to give to yourself. The more consistent you are with sessions, the greater the benefits and the more aware you become.

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