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“Showing” your Heart

24 Jun 2017

It’s interesting to consider that we actually control very little about our lives today. And yet, so many of us strive to be in control; strive to keep structured and organized; push so as not to waste time; and expect instant gratification.

In the real world, change is a constant and about all we truly have control over is our attitude towards how change affects us. I used to say “I hate change.” The older I get, the more thankful I am that things do change. Things change to give me the opportunity of growing, making fresh decisions, or starting over all together. Wisdom comes as a result of those experiences. This is one thing about getter older that I truly cherish.

I’ve found that by keeping a more positive attitude towards the challenges I face, I can more easily see the good in others and what they have to contribute within the community we share. An attitude of gratitude does make things a bit easier along the way. And, the more gratitude I express for the people that influence me and for the events that help to shape my day, my heart actually feels more at peace. That brings joy and happiness.

A happy heart reminds me of someone smiling. Typically, when you smile at someone, they automatically smile back. And the neat thing about that is that it takes fewer muscles to smile than to frown. That results in less stress and tension! You feel better. Your attitude may shift and become more positive. See the cycle? It all comes back around!

Did you know that your brainwaves can register someone else’s heartbeat (thus others register your heartbeat)? The heart generates the strongest electromagnetic field produced by the body! Remember, people do not remember what you say. They remember how you made them feel.

No matter what challenges or obstacles plant themselves in front of us, we have the opportunity to control the attitude we have in response to them. We have the chance to share our hearts – to experience joy within ourselves and extend that energy out to others – literally.

You, as we age, we do become more forgiving, too. The University of Wisconsin-Madison studied cardiac patients who underwent forgiveness counseling and found fewer heart symptoms than in those that did not go thru counseling. The City University in Hong Kong researchers found that regulating our emotions becomes more important so we are more motivated to kiss and make up.

There are many benefits to living a more happy and joyous life – physical, emotional, spiritual. So, “show” your heart today. Extend that positive energy to others around you!

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